Cooking Club Meeting

Everything seems back to daily routine after the school festival.

There was a cooking club meeting after school today. A bunch of first-year high school students came to join today’s meeting to learn cooking techniques that they had never learned before. They were also learning how to make “dashi”, which is a simple broth made by heating water containing dried kelp and bonito shavings, and then straining the resultant golden liquid. Dashi is an essential part of authentic Japanese cuisine. Once you have learned how to make dashi, you will be able to make a variety of authentic Japanese dishes.

The mere sight of them learning cooking made me hungry.

Hopefully, they will keep working hard so that they can get a lot better at cooking!

Now, please take a close look at the pictures below. You can see them cutting carrots, potatoes, and onions.

Can you guess what Japanese food they were making in today’s meeting?




Tatsuro Noto,
Senior High First-year Department